Mehtab Bagh

Mehtab Bagh

  • State : Uttarpradesh
  • City : Agra
  • Spend Time : 30 Min
  • Visit Best Time : Winter
  • Open : 06:00 Am To 06:00 Pm

MehtabBagh was first constructed by Babur, the first Mughal emperor, in the early 1500s, back when there was no Taj Mahal. But with time, this garden lost its condition. Shah Jahan created the garden to shield the Taj Mahal from sand erosion. This garden's location ensures that the Taj Mahal is perfectly visible from it. MehtabBagh, commonly known as "Moonlight Garden," is currently regarded as one of Agra's most picturesque tourist destinations.


Best Time to visit the MehtabBagh


The rainy season is the worst time to visit MehtabBagh. Heavy rains will cause the area to flood. The ideal seasons to travel are winter and early summer. The high temperatures during the height of summer might cause dehydration. Winter begins in October and lasts until February.

MehtabBagh Location

Across the river from the Taj Mahal, theMehtabBaghis conveniently situated. It is situated in Agra's Etmadpurneighbourhood. To get to the park from any location in Agra, there are numerous taxis and autos available. It will take a long time to go to the garden from the Taj Mahal because you have to travel through the city to get there.

MehtabBagh Entry Fees and Timings

According to ASI, access to MehtabBaghcosts 20 INR for Indian visitors while it costs 250 INR for foreign visitors. India, BIMSTEC, and SAARC nationals each pay INR 15, while foreigners pay INR 100. Young people under 15 - Free

MehtabBaghis open every day from six in the morning till six at night. However, the admission window closes 30 minutes before dusk.


Things to do at MehtabBagh

  • The entire park is enclosed by a 289-meter-high compound wall. In each corner, there are towers with sandstone domes. The park is bisected by a wide brick path.
  • A modest shrine can be found next to the entryway. Inside the park, a sizable pond reflects the Taj Mahal.The Black Taj Mahal's foundation is located next to the pond.
  • A step fountain that was once in use may be found on the pond's northern edge. It is assumed that the fountain was utilised to supply water to the pond.Neem, citrus fruits, hibiscus, jamun, asoka, guava, and other plants are the best to look for inside the park.
  • Many vibrantly coloured flowers can be found in parks making it a picturesque place.
  • You are allowed to carry food into the park and have a picnic there.

MehtabBagh's Major Attractions 

  • Known for Taj Mahal seen in the moonlight

MehtabBagh, which was constructed during the reign of Shah Jahan, is also known as the Moonlight Garden because to the Taj Mahal's nighttime reflection in the holy Yamuna. It is definitely worth losing yourself in never-ending mental spirals for such a show.

  • Beautiful Places for Photographers

Beautiful scenery near the Mehtab Garden inspires you to devote a good hour to photography to record the breathtaking beauty of nature. Every turn offers a new perspective to photograph, satisfying the traveller and photographer in you.

  • Gain a Historical Perspective

The garden will transport you to the interesting mediaeval era in just a few hours. You get to consider how they must have constructed it initially and analyse it.

Some Amazing Features of MehtabBagh

  • A lengthy section of a pool at MehtabBagh has a gorgeous reflection of the Taj Mahal.
  • In the garden, many lovely plants can be seen thriving.
  • MehtabBagh's architecture takes the shape of a Charbagh complex.
  • From this garden, one may enjoy an exquisite view of the Taj Mahal.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Is Mehtab Bagh the same as Taj Mahal?

A1. MehtabBagh is situated on the Yamuna River bank behind Taj Mahal. It offers a complete and beautiful perspective of the Taj Mahal. It is an incredible romantic destination.

Q2. Can I use a tripod in MehtabBagh?

A2. In the complex, tripods and selfie sticks are not permitted. Just keep them in your bags and out of sight to avoid the security personnel taking them away.

Q3. Is a reservation required to visit MehtabBagh?

A3. To guarantee your seat, we advise making reservations for MehtabBagh trips in advance. You have up to 24 hours before the commencement of your tour to cancel a reservation made with Japji Travels.

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