Discover the treasures of Delhi & Jaipur
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Discover the treasures of Delhi & Jaipur

Delhi the vast metropolitan city

Delhi indeed is one of the vast states of India. The capital city of India is filled with historical and modern aura. Delhi is the major landmark with the most diverse population. Especially there multiple places in Delhi which are considered treasures of Delhi. That also includes many facts and deep information, which can be helpful to understand Delhi’s testament. Delhi is the culmination of the ancient and modern culture of India.

  1. Visit Delhi’s historical spots.
  2.  Witness the architectural greatness.
  3. Try out some local eateries.
  4. Explore the oldest markets.

Treasures of Delhi you must visit

firstly, you must visit Red Fort which is the gem of Delhi and a UNESCO heritage site. Red Fort is one of the treatures of the city that preserves the Mughal time artifacts. Also, the fort itself highlights the multiple traditions. Such as Mughal, Persian, Hindu, and Timurid. The timings for visiting Red Fort are from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm except for Mondays and entry fees are 35 INR for Indians and 500 INR for foreigners.

Secondly, you must visit India Gate, one of the most visited spots in Delhi. Every year a considerable amount of tourists come to witness the victory and story of bravery here. The most iconic feature of India Gate is Amar Jyoti which is lit 24 hours. It is a sign to felicitate the soldiers who put their lives online for the country.

Thirdly, you must visit Humayun’s Tomb. this tomb is an excellent example of beauty and it is one of the most visited locations in Delhi. It highlights the history of the Mughal dynasty, it is also believed that this structure was an inspiration for the Taj. the design of Humayaun’s tomb is a bit of a touch from Islamic scriptures too. The timings are 6 am to 6 pm every day. Entry fees are 30 INR for Indians and 500 INR for foreigners.

Fourthly, you must visit the iconic Qutab Minar. It is the tallest brick minaret which is 73 meters tall. This Minar is surrounded by many more monuments displaying the best of heritage. It is five storied tall structure. It showcases the Afgan architectural style. Besides, Qutab Minar, you can see other monuments too on the premises. The times are 7 am to 5 pm. Entry fees are 30 INR for Indians and 500 INR for foreigners.

  1. Visit the red fort.
  2. Witness the glorious past and tales of bravery.
  3. Explore the centuries-old lanes.
  4. Must try the local delicacies.

Jaipur, magnificence and treasures

Jaipur absolutely is a Royal city with numerous names. One of the synonyms of Jaipur is Pink City. Jaipur indeed is the land of palaces, forts, and monuments. Especially, this city is bustling with rich history, architecture, and warm-hearted people. You must experience the Princly establishments to know our Nation better.

  1. Capital of Rajasthan.
  2. Most vibrant and rich in culture.
  3. Awe-inspiring architecture.
  4. Bustling Markets.

Treasures of Jaipur you must visit

First and foremost you must visit, Hawa mahal also known as the Palace of Winds. It is a five stroyed structure and is an amalgamation of Islamic, Mughal, and Rajput architecture. Also, apart from Hawa Mahal, you must visit a gem inside it. The hawa mahal museum to witness all the glass works and pillared chambers. The timings are 9 am to 4:30 pm. Entry fees are 10 INR for Indians and 50 INR for Foreigners.

Secondly, you must explore another treasure of Jaipur which is Amer Fort. one of the most visited spots in Jaipur. This place has gained a lot of popularity because of multiple Bollywood shoots. Inside the Amer forts, there are multiple treasures such as the sheesh mahal, Ganesh Pol, and many more. And you must surely try to attend the light and sound show. The timings are 9 am to 5 pm and entry fees are 25 INR for Indians and 200 INR for foreigners.

Thirdly, you must visit City Palace which served as the royal residence. City Palace is the embodiment of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture. The city palace is a symbol of royalty in the city. You can explore the Grand courtyards and museums. Also, you must get some insta worthy pictures in front of the peacock gates. The timings to visit are 9:30 am to 5 pm. The entry fees are 75 INR for Indians and 350 INR for foreigners.

lastly, you must visit Galtaji temple. Indeed a hidden treasure of Jaipur. It is also known as the monkey temple. And it is a must-visit to Hindu pilgrimage spots. There are sacred ponds and the worshippers wash themselves believing to wash their sins. You must experience it during the time of the makar sankaranti festival. Timings are 5 am to 9 pm and the entry is free.

  1. Explore Hawa Mahal.
  2. Take an elephant ride to the Amer fort.
  3. Witness the glorious city palace.
  4. Take a dip in holy kunds.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is the most appropriate time to visit the treasures of Delhi and Jaipur?

A1. We highly recommend the months from October to March.

Q2. How many days are required to explore both Delhi and Jaipur?

A2. 2 days in Delhi and 2 days in Jaipur would be enough.

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